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K9 Magazine Guide to Adopting a Dog

For many, the idea of adopting or ‘rescuing’ a dog carries with it a certain image. Some people mistakenly look at dog ...

Prosthetic Limbs for Dogs: A New Reality

Veterinary science is moving at quite a startling rate. Dogs are living longer and surviving once fatal diseases. The industries and ...

How to Cope With the Death of a Dog

Coping With the Death of a Dog Death Of The Family Pet: A Proper Goodbye To Your Faithful Friend: As the words of a sad, but sweet, ...

Tips For Dogs That Don’t Like Car Travel

Travel sickness is a rare condition that can take hold of certain dogs just as it can individual people. Understanding the cause and ...

eBook: The 50 Greatest Dog Books of All Time

At K9 Magazine, we get about five books a week sent in. Some are re-issues of the classics, others are novels from new writers, we ...

Beware: The Household Products That Can Kill Your Dog

Some owners hold onto a misconception that dogs will never eat or drink something that isn’t good for them. They’re wrong. ...
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