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I get free dog food all the time. It’s actually pretty easy, getting free dog food! I got a 15kg bag of free dog food sent this morning. In fact, getting free dog food samples (decent, month-long dog food samples) is something ALL dog owners should do. Not to be cheap, but to be better dog owners. Please, let me explain:


This is how it goes:

“I need to try my dog on a new food. His fur is not looking good, he’s losing weight and he seems to get a regular upset tummy.”

^ ^ The above, posted NUMEROUS times on dog message boards, social media networks, chat rooms and all the other places where MILLIONS of people go to socialise, exchange information and generally discuss things.

The responses:

“Oh, my dog used to do that. What are you feeding? Ahh, that explains it. What sort of dog do you have? How old? What sort of activity levels. OK, well I would suggest…..”

Now, after 20, 30, maybe 100 people have all suggested different things, the human mind is designed to gravitate toward the brand/product/recommendation that was mentioned most commonly in good terms. I’ve seen this scenario play out so many times now.

And think, for a moment, how monumentally this changes things for the pet food industry.

The need for dog food companies to compete for customers is greater now than it has ever been.

And it is because of this that you can tap in and get free dog food samples for your pet. You may be feeding your dog the wrong food. We’ll show you how to avoid it (for free).

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