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    I have am amazing whippet a year old. Very friendly, confident, affectionate & the sweetest nature ever. He has been easy to train, apart from when he sees people or other dogs, he gets over excited, wants to jump up & play. Years ago I used to breed & do obedience competitions with Border Collies, so feel I should have the skills to address this. In a word no, nothing I have tried works, it’s as if he becomes deaf & totally ignores me. I have tried, rewards, praise, whistles, clickers, water spray (which he thinks is a great game to catch the spray in his mouth & drink) pet corrector spray.
    He is very well socialised with people, dogs & young children
    We go to a park that is very busy, where there are lots of people & dogs about.
    He just loves everyone he sees, my vet said, she has never met such a happy dog before & this is a good sign in a puppy/young dog, as he will grow into a well balanced adult
    I have to use a halti, to have any control over him, but he doesn’t like it & every so often, tries to pull it off
    Does anyone have any suggestions, as I am really struggling to control him when

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