Dog Who Was Called a Pit Bull Returns Home For Christmas

A good news story only in as much as the dog gets to go home. But this law is still up and running and still causing hurt to dogs and their families:

An adored family pet which faced being put down for being a ‘dangerous dog’ has finally been returned home for Christmas after a court battle.

Police seized Oscar claiming he was an illegal pit bull terrier – banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act – in October after a complaint from a member of the public.

Pit bull terriers are a banned breed in the UK and illegal to keep unless under strict conditions, including the wearing of a muzzle and a short, non-extendable lead.

Oscar’s owner Lucy Garrod, 28, insisted her dog was a legal Staffordshire bull terrier and said a vet had confirmed this.

However police detained Oscar and it was only after the case heard before magistrats in Chelmsford, Essex, that he was reunited with his family.

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