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The RSPCA’s Everyday Heroes Need Your Help at Christmas!

Charities in the UK survive on the goodwill of members of the public to make donations of their money, food or time, depending on the ...

Do Dogs Need Booster Vaccinations?

All dog vaccinations (dog vaccines) are made from the bacteria or viruses of the disease, but they are either given in a dead form ...

Would You Spend More On Your Dog Than Your Partner?

Over half (56%) of the UK’s dog owners have been accused of spending more time or lavishing more attention on their dogs, than partners. According ...

Side Effects of Steroid Treatments?

Hi there. I am new to this forum and am hoping for some help with dealing with my problem. My eight year old gsd/bc is recovering ...

Obedience Classes or Private Dog Trainer – Which is Best?

An analytical look at Canine Learning Styles By Richard J. Atkins, Ed.D. Everyone has a different way of learning. Some of us cram ...
SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 12:  Cans of dog food ar...

Free Dog Food Samples: Get FREE Dog Food!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I get free dog food all the time. It’s actually pretty easy, getting free dog food! ...
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